The Anza-Borrego Orienteering Festival consists of four unique competitions designed to showcase the great variety of the available terrain and test your navigational and physical abilities.


Saturday 4pm-5pm


Fast & Furious

Race the dusk with a short (2-3km) sprint through the flat terrain near event HQ. Balance your map reading skills with your situational awareness to avoid a high-speed encounter with a cholla bush. Make sure to stay focused and ignore the many other competitors that will tauntingly cross your path - follow if you dare!

Course Setter: Mark Prior


Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 6.30.55 AM.png

Sunday, 1pm-2pm


Navigate in Three Dimensions

The most iconic and memorable event of the festival, the weekend ends with a chaotic one-hour "score orienteering" style competition through the unique, multi-level complexities of the "maze". 

Simply choose your own route to visit as many of the 8-10 control locations in a 1km square area. But don't get too confident, as you may find yourself cornered with nowhere to go! 

Course Setter: Matej Sebo


Saturday 10am


Mass start mayhem

Choose between the (approximate) 5km Lamb or the 10km Goat, then toe the line with your competitors for a raucous, anything-goes parade through the desert where following is encouraged!

This event usually includes a few unique twists to keep you on your toes and ensure the winner isn't determined until the very last minute. 

Course Setter: Chris Day



Sunday, 9am-11am


The Main Event

Measure your fitness and skills against the best in a traditional 6-course classic orienteering competition that will span both technical and fast terrain. 

The 2023 Classic will be a US Orienteering National Ranking Event (pending approval), earning the first points of this year's nationwide, annual ranking. 

Note: All competitors will have start times assigned the week before the event. Please plan accordingly. 

Course Setter: Matej Sebo